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Journey to the Home of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Safe application of Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has been applied for over 2000 years to countless people as one of the most popular treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Our experts will teach and train you how to use Chinese herbs safely and effectively. 


Educate health professionals and consumers about safe and effective application of Chinese herbs.  
​Provide services for lab identifying fake or poor quality herbs and herbal products.

New botanical drug application

Botanical drug application, document preparation, chemical analysis, clinical study, etc ​

Product related services

FDA registration, Label Design, Formulation, ingredients purchasing, packaging, Export certification, Lab testing

Patent application

Help to find an attorney for patent application and write a draft of the patent.​

Chinese medicines (TCM) have been widely used for thousands of years. Their preventative and therapeutic efficacies proved by countless people are much more convincible than results obtained from laboratory and animal experiments. No
one should doubt about this.

Most of the research results on Chinese herbs performed by scientists over the world using modern chemical, biological and pharmacological methods in the past century have provided scientific supports for their functions. And more and more results coming out every year are helping explore their therapeutic mechanisms.

Our inability to well explain some of the mechanisms of herbal therapies currently is not because herbs are too old, it is because our knowledge about human body and diseases are still limited so far.  

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