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Pinyin: huang qi

ENGLISH NAME: Astragalus Root

LATIN NAME: Astragali Radix

Pinyin: huang qi

Properties: sweet, slightly warm
Channels Entered: Spleen, Lung

1.Tonifies Qi and Raises Vang

2. Tonifies We; (Defensive) Qi, Consolidates the Exterior

3. Promotes the Discharge of Pus and Generates Flesh

4. Regulates W ater Circulation, Reduces Edema

5. Relieves Numbness and Pain

6. Treats Xiao Ke (W asting and Thirsting) Syndrome

10 to15grams.

• Use of Huang Qi is contraindicated when pathogens are present at exterior levels of the body.
• It is contraindicated in cases characterized by an excess of qi, such as found in anger due to Liver qi stagnation.
• It is contraindicated in internal heat, excess fire, or deficiency and cold of the lower jiao.
• It is contraindicated with sores and lesions caused by heat in the blood.
• It is contraindicated in case of stagnation.
• Pregnant women in the third trimester should use Huang Qi with caution. It has a diuretic effect and long-term use may decrease the quantity of amniotic fluid.

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