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Pinyin: niu bang zi (chao)

ENGLISH NAME: Burdock (Stir Fried)

LATIN NAME: Stir Fried Arctii Fructus

Pinyin: niu bang zi (chao)

Properties: acrid, bitter, cold
Channels Entered: Lung, Stomach

1. Dispels Wind and Clears Heat

2. Eliminates Toxins and V ents Rashes

3. Clears Heat and Eliminates Toxins from the Throat

3 to 10 grams. The maximum dosage for Niu Bang Zi is 30 grams. The seeds should be crushed prior to cooking to maximize the available surface area and ensure complete extraction of the active constituents. Due to the cold thermal property of the herb, consumption of the unprocessed form is sometimes associated with diarrhea. Therefore, dry-frying the herb to increase its warmth wiI1 reduce the possibility of diarrhea.

• Due to its cold nature, Niu Bang Zi should be used only for patients with heat or excess syndromes.
• Use of Niu Bang Zi is contraindicated in patients with Spleen qi deficiency with loose stools.

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