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Pinyin: ren shen ye

ENGLISH NAME: Folium Ginseng

LATIN NAME: Ginseng Folium

Pinyin: ren shen ye

Properties: sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm
Channels Entered: Lung, Spleen

1. Greatly Tonifies Yuan (Source) Qi

2. Tonifies the Spleen

3. Tonifies the Lung

4. Promotes Generation of Body Fluids and Relieves Thirst

5. Calms the Shen(Spirit), Improves Mental Function

6. Tonifies Qi and Blood

7. Treats Impotence

8. Tonifies Qi in Deficiency Patients with Exterior Conditions

5 to 10 grams in decoction, 0.5 to 1.0 gram in powder. The dosage of Ren Shen may be increased to 15 to 30 grams to treat collapse of yuan (source) qi. The decoction should be taken in multiple small doses (instead of one large dose) when treating collapse. Due to the high cost of the herb, Ren Shen is usually decocted separately at relatively low temperatures to ensure complete extraction of active constituents.

• Sweet and warm in nature, Ren Shen is contraindicated in cases of excess conditions, such as bleeding caused by heat in the blood, red eyes and dizziness due to Liver yang rising, wheezing and cough because of Lung heat, or phlegm accumulation, constipation, parasites, internal accumulation, heat or fire conditions.
• According to classic texts , Ren Shen is incompatible with Li Lu (Radix et Rhizoma Veratri), antagonized by Zao Jiao (Fructus Gleditsiae), and counteracted by Wu Ling Zhi (Excrementum Trogopteri seu Pteromi) and Lai Fu Zi (Semen Raphani Sativi).
• The effectiveness of Ren Shen may be reduced by concur- rent consumption of turnips, daikon radishes, and tea.

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