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Pinyin: rou gui

ENGLISH NAME: Cinnamon bark

LATIN NAME: Cinnamomi Cortex

Pinyin: rou gui

Properties: acrid, sweet, hot
Channels Entered: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Spleen

1. Tonifies Kidney Yang, Augments Ming Men (Life Gate) Fire

2. Dispels Cold,Warms the Spleen and Relieves Pain

3. Dispels Cold, Relieves Pain, Opens Channels and Vessels

4. Encourages Production of Qi and Blood

2 to 5 grams in herbal decoction, 1 to 2 grams in herbal powder. Rou Gui should be added in the last 5 to 10 min utes of the cooking process, to avoid loss of active constituents from over-exposure to heat.

• Use of Rou Gui is contraindicated during pregnancy, or in cases of excess heat, yin-deficient fire, or bleeding caused by heat in the blood.
• Rou Gui is counteracted by Chi Shi Zhi (Halloysitum Rubrum).
• Rou Gui is hot, and generally considered to be an herb with pure yang energy. When used improperly for patients affected by pathogenic heat, or prescribed in excessive amounts, it can induce rising of fire, resulting in a flushed face, red eyes, dry mouth and tongue and, in severe cases, bleeding.

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