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Pinyin: sang ye

ENGLISH NAME: White Mulberry Leaf

LATIN NAME: Mori Folium

Pinyin: sang ye

Properties: bitter, sweet, cold
Channels Entered: Lung, Liver

1. Dispels Wind-Heat

2. Clears Lung Heat and Moistens Dryness

3. Calms the Liver and Brightens the Eyes

4. Cools the Blood and Stops Bleeding

5 to 10 grams for dried Sang ye, with a maximum dosage of 50 grams. Double the dosage up to 100 grams if fresh Sang Ye is used. Sang Ye may be taken internally as a decoction or applied topically as an herbal paste. For decoctions, Sang Ye processed with honey has a stronger function to moisten the Lung and relieve cough. For topical applications, it should be crushed into paste prior to use.

• Due to its cold nature, Sang ye should be used with caution for patients who have constitutional deficiencies or cold.

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