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Pinyin: wa leng zi (duan)

ENGLISH NAME: Concha Arcae

LATIN NAME: Calcine Arcae Concha

Pinyin: wa leng zi (duan)

Properties: salty, neutral
Channels Entered: Liver, Stomach, Lung

1. Dissolves Phlegm, Resolves Stagnation, Softens Hardness, Disperses Nodules

2. Controls Stomach Acid, Relieves Pain

3. Regulates Qi and Blood Circulation, Relieves Pain

10 to 30 grams in herbal decoction, 1 to 3 grams in powder or pills. Wa Leng Zi should be cooked for an extended period of time to ensure maximum extraction of active components. Fresh Wa Leng Zi more strongly disperses nodules and softens hardness. Vinegar-treated Wa Leng Zi more effectively stops the secretion of gastric acid and relieves pain.

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