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Pinyin: wu mei

ENGLISH NAME: Fructus Mume

LATIN NAME: Mume Fructus

Pinyin: wu mei

Properties: sour, neutral
Channels Entered: Liver, Spleen, Lung , Large Intestine


1. Inhibits Leakage of Lung Qi and Stops Leakage of Sweat

2. Binds the Intestines

3. Generates Body Fluids

4. Expels Parasites

5. Stops Uterine Bleeding

6. Treats Corns and Warts

10 to 30 grams in decoction, with a maximum of 30 grams. Unprocessed Wu Mei is often used to inhibit the leakage of Lung qi, bind the intestines to stop diarrhea, promote the generation of fluids, and kill parasites. The charred herb stops bleeding and diarrhea.


• Because Wu Mei has a restraining effect, it is not suitable for sole use to treat acute diarrhea, or diarrhea caused by food poisoning or infections. It should be combined with other herbs to address the root of the condition.

• Wu Mei is contraindicated for patients having excess heat or stagnation.

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