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Pinyin: xu duan

ENGLISH NAME: Radix Dipsaci Asperoidis

LATIN NAME: Dipsaci Radix

Pinyin: xu duan

Properties: bitter, sweet, acrid, slightly warm
Channels Entered: Liver, Kidney

1. Tonifies the Liver and Kidney

2. Calms the Fetus and Stops Uterine Bleeding

3. Invigorates Blood Circulation and Strengthens Tendons and Bones

4. Reduces Swelling, Abscess and Sores

10 to 20 grams in decoction. Use up to 30 grams of Xu Duan in severe cases. The dry-fried herb has a stronger function to stop uterine bleeding. Xu Duan is also used in powder or pill form.

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