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Pinyin: yin chai hu

ENGLISH NAME: Stellaria root

LATIN NAME: Stellariae Radix

Pinyin: yin chai hu

Properties: bitter, acrid, cool
Channels Entered: Liver, Gallbladder

1. Harmonizes the Exterior and the Interior

2. Spreads the Liver and Relieves Liver Qi Stagnation

3. Lifts Yang Qi

3 to 10 grams. The maximum dosage of Chai Hu ís 60 grams. Treatment of organ prolapse relies on only a small dosage (3 grams) to raise yang qí. Treatment of malaria, however, requires a larger dose (10 to 15 grams). Unprocessed Chaí Hu has a stronger effect to ascend and disperse, and is commonly used to release the exterior and reduce fever. The vinegar-fried herb more effectively regulates Liver qí, and ís commonly used to relieve hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain, and menstrual cramps.

• Chai Hu has ascended and dispersing functions, so prolonged use or overdose may consume yin. Therefore, this herb should be used with caution in yin-deficient patients, those with yin-deficient fire, Liver yang rising, or Liver wind rising.
• Chai Hu should not be used for an individual having only an exterior syndrome but no interior symptoms or condition. Use of Chaí Hu under these circumstances may lead the pathogenic factor inward, making the dis-ease more difficult to treat.

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