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Pinyin: ze xie

ENGLISH NAME: Asian Water Plantain

LATIN NAME: Alisma orientale(Sam.)Juzep.

Pinyin: ze xie

Properties: sweet, bland, cold
Channels Entered: Kidney, Urinary Bladder

1. Regulates Water Circulation and Resolves Dampness

2. Clears Deficiency Fire from the Kidney

5 to10 grams. Use up to 15, 18 or even 30 grams of Ze Xie in severe cases. The unprocessed herb greatly strengthens the Spleen and regulates water, and is commonly used for treating edema, dysuria, and jaundice. Prying Ze Xie with salt enhances its effect of nourishing yin, purging heat and regulating water circulation. Salt-fried Ze Xie is commonly used to treat knee and lower back weakness and pain. Dry-frying the herb enhances its strengthening influence on the Spleen, commonly helping to resolve diarrhea and vertigo.

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