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Pinyin: zhi mu

ENGLISH NAME: Anemarrhena

LATIN NAME: Anemarrhenae Rhizoma

Pinyin: zhi mu

Properties: bitter, sweet, cold
Channels Entered: Lung, Stomach, Kidney

1. Clears Heat and Sedates Fire

2. Nourishes Yin and Moistens Dryness

3. Nourishes Yin and Clears Deficiency Fire

4. Generates Fluids and Quenches Thirst

5. Neutralizes Unwanted Effects of Warm Herbs

6 to 12 grams. The maximum dosage of Zhi Mu is 30 grams. Use the unprocessed form to clear heat and sedate fire. Bitter and cold, the unprocessed form is commonly used to clear heat from the Lung, Stomach and Kidney. Frying Zhi Mu with salt facilitates its entrance to the Kidney, and potentiates its effect to clear deficiency heat
from the lower jiao. Frying with grain-based liquor potentiates the effect of Zhi Mu to clear heat from the Lung.

• Cold in nature, Zhi Mu is contraindicated in patients with diarrhea, Spleen or Stomach deficiencies, or Kidney deficiency.

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